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Sep 16

4 Week Mini Cut Diet-What I am eating 3 weeks out 😊

  So this is actually an example of what I am eating this week.  I am not eating too much differently than last week but there are some small tweaks I am doing.  One tweak I am doing this week is only having 1 refeed meal.  Next week when I am 2 weeks out I …

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Dec 17

Update: Marathon Training: Diet & Physique Changes

So I meant to do this update a few weeks ago but time escaped me lol!  Since my last post I did run my half marathon on Thanksgiving.  My goal was not to finish in a certain time but to run as a family with my husband who wanted to do it with me.  We …

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Sep 10

My Diet in Pics: Final diet tweaks for my bikini calendar shoot

Hey y’all!  Thanks for checking out my blog.  I just wanted to share what my diet will be pretty much from now up until my bikini calendar shoot in Jamaica (I leave in 10 days!!).  The most important thing I want to stress is that my diet isn’t about deprivation at all!!  Yes I am …

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Jan 06

My Diet: Getting back on track after the holidays.

I like to indulge a little on all the special treats during the holidays but to be honest after a week or two of eating a lot more sugar, alcohol, fat, and processed foods than I normally do my body craves the usual healthy and wholesome foods 😉  So here is a look at what …

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Aug 08

A Day of MY Eating (in pictures) :)

  I have been asked more times than I can count what I eat typically.  I decided to start a new category and post random days of what I am eating.  I think this may be helpful to some people to see that you can eat a lot, you can eat “naughty” or “bad” foods, …

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