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Sep 29

Final Week of Mini Cut: Food & Fitness Info 😀

So I will be photo shooting next week and this is my final week of cutting, shredding, dieting….whatever you want to call it haha!  I am NOT looking to come in super tight, striated, or super shredded.  I was looking to lose 5-8 pounds or so and mission accomplished already.  I am pretty much already …

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Sep 15

My 4 Week Mini Cut-Week 4 Diet

    So I wanted to post this the week I actually did it but my blog was being updated and it took a lot longer than anticipated.  Because I  waited I am posting everything fairly close together.  This is my diet 4 weeks out from my calendar photo shoot which was actually last week. …

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Aug 30

Quick Belly Flattening Detox De-Bloat Cleanse Diet Plan :-)

I wanted to share what I do (and have done for years now) to snap back after an especially indulgent weekend or week.  I am not on a super strict diet all the time.  Sometimes I do a low carb diet, sometimes carb cycle, and other times I just do flexible dieting or IIFYM where …

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Feb 17

Catching some zzzzz’s!! My top all natural solutions to get a better nights sleep ?

As a former insomniac and a probably forever night owl I know how hard it can be to get to sleep sometimes.  I also know that sleep is critical for having a healthy body and mind.  It helps repair muscle and helps your body recover,  promotes fat burning, & puts you in a better mood just …

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Dec 17

Update: Marathon Training: Diet & Physique Changes

So I meant to do this update a few weeks ago but time escaped me lol!  Since my last post I did run my half marathon on Thanksgiving.  My goal was not to finish in a certain time but to run as a family with my husband who wanted to do it with me.  We …

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