Jun 28

Baby Brockner 7 Months: Gestational Diabetes, Swelling, & Other Body Woes


Sorry this post is a bit late.  I am actually almost into the 8th month of pregnancy but life has been a bit hectic so my updates are a bit behind!  We just purchased a house and are trying to get ready to move in a couple weeks & also do all the last minute baby stuff like classes, stocking up, etc so it has been a bit chaotic lol!


As far as baby he is doing really well!!  He weighs 3 pounds or so and is measuring a bit bigger so I really think he may try to escape early!!  I am actually ok with that bc to be honest I am kinda over being pregnant!  I love it but I am ready to not have so much weight on my belly.  It actually hurts and makes a lot of things like shaving pretty laborious haha!  I am really trying to enjoy it but I definitely have my days where I am ready to get this guy out ASAP.  I am sure a lot of other mommies or moms to be can relate!


So as I mentioned in my title I wanted to shared what happened with my gestational diabetes test.  I actually failed the initial 1 hour test.  I was not really expecting it but I know your body can go through some crazy changes while pregnant so it made me pretty nervous.  I had to take the 3 hour test to find out if I truly had diabetes or not and honestly that sucked!!  I almost threw up bc the sugar drink on an empty stomach for 3 hours so early made me super nauseous and I have a pretty strong stomach 😕  So I just wanted to share with you what happened so maybe some of you can save yourself from having to go through the crappy 3 hour test.  I do NOT have gestational diabetes btw.  My results were normal from the 3 hour test.  When I took my 1 hour test my doctor said I did not have to fast but to not eat carbs.  When I went to take my 3 hour test the nurse told me that that is how they get extra money bc if you are not completely fasted it will test positive (usually) so you then have to take the 3 hour test.  So just an FYI do not eat OR drink anything not even water from 8 or 9 pm the night before your 1 hour test up until after your test.  The nurse said this should make it so you do not test positive on the 1 hour test.  Hopefully this helps some of you!!


So besides that scare I have had some more back pain more recently.  Most days it is manageable but some days it hurts pretty bad.  I also just recently started getting some swelling in my feet.  So that being said I have cut back a little on my workouts.  I decided that since I usually push myself so hard I am going to give myself an extra day off.  So now I am doing 4 days of workouts and 3 days off each week.  I am still running and a I feel fine doing that.  Usually doing a 5 mile run once a week plus pretty heavy strength training, some swimming, and walking for the other workouts.  I feel pretty good overall but if I am really tired I cut myself some slack.  I am still not sleeping well and getting muscles cramps at night sometimes.  That makes it hard to push myself really hard but I am doing the best I can so I am feeling good about that!!


I am up 20 pounds so far.  I do not have any stretch marks yet & am using quite the combo to hopefully prevent them lol!  I want to wait and see until after baby to make sure it worked before sharing what I am using.  I feel pretty confident bc I am using several things that many people said worked for them but will fill y’all in on results later!!


Thank you for reading and I appreciate all the support & love!!


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