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Baby Brockner Month 9, Labor Cookie Recipe, Birth, & Postpartum Comeback


(L-R top to bottom- 3 mths 4 mths, 5 mths, 1 week postpartum front, 6 mths, 7 mths, 8 mths, 1 week p.p. side)


So I had every intention of writing a blog post close to labor and taking a final 9 month photo closer to the end of the 9 months however my little guy decided to come out early. ¬†I was getting a little stir crazy and was looking forward to meeting him early however I had heard from so many people that the first one usually comes late and the labor is long, etc, etc. ¬†I really did not think he would come out early lol! ¬†I had inquired on social media other mom’s ideas for naturally inducing and got a bunch of mostly fun ideas & I had planned on trying most of them out however one of the first ones I started with seemed to do the trick bc I went into labor the night I ate these Labor Cookies lol. ¬†You can try them for yourself but no guarantees haha! ¬†The recipe will be at the end of this post.



So the last bit of my pregnancy I started to get really uncomfortable.  I did manage to run a 5k at 36 weeks (slow and steady pace) and I felt really good but there were plenty of days I rested more than anything.  My heartburn was terrible still also so I was having a hard time eating and ate kinda a lot of ice cream and just carbs at the end lol!  My weight had gone up a bit and was going back and forth between 27-28 pound gain.  The day before I went into labor it was 27 pounds up so that is what I will say my total gain was.




About 3 days before I went into labor I had gotten sick and was having some contractions so the Dr had told me to come into the hospital. ¬†I ended up getting checked out and having an IV but besides that I was fine & sent home. ¬†I was generally feeling ok so I made these labor cookies with the help of my hubby. ¬†They tasted pretty good and so I ate 7 of them bc the recipe said to eat as many as you could lol! ¬†That night I started having really bad contractions and bleeding lightly. ¬†I called and they said the contractions were too far apart. ¬†About an hour and half later I started bleeding heavily still with far apart contractions so they told me to come to hospital. ¬†I went in and the Dr said the baby’s head was too low so they broke my water and gave me pitocin. ¬†The pain was horrible and the total labor was 10 hours. ¬†I really don’t remember parts of it. ¬†The best part was the end when I saw my beautiful son Cameron’s face. ¬†Cameron Jaxson Brockner was born almost exactly 2 weeks early at 6 pounds 12 ounces 19.3″ long and perfectly healthy. ¬†My joy is indescribable!!!



So as to be expected mom life takes some getting used to.  Breastfeeding is difficult & I have shed quite a few tears but I am finally getting the hang of it.   Also the sleep deprivation and hormone imbalance is crazy lol!  Thankfully my husband is the sweetest!  Today is 1 week postpartum and I have lost a total of 12 pounds so 15 pounds to go to pre baby weight.  I am only walking a few times a week at this point and will pretty much just do that until I am (hopefully) cleared at 6 weeks to exercise harder.  Currently I am eating whatever I want to also.  Will continue to update my transformation and postpartum journey.  Thanks so much for reading!!


Labor Cookies


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