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Sep 27

Pumpkin Maple Sugar Baked Donut (gluten free, low calorie, & low carb)

l love pumpkin and I actually eat pumpkin purée year round but when fall comes it is a great excuse to get super pumpkin crazy!!  So this baked donut is a delicious combo of pumpkin, maple syrup, & it is topped with coconut sugar-so yummy!!  Oh and if you have been following me you know …

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Feb 25

Healthy Boba or Bubble Tea Drink ?

  I shared this super quick and easy recipe on my social media accounts so I figured I would also share it here in case anyone else has a craving!  BTW you can follow me @sarahlinbrockner on Instagram, Sarah Lin Brockner on Facebook, and @sarahlbrockner on Twitter if you want to.  So boba is also …

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Feb 04

Low Carb Peanut Butter Fudge Candies (super quick, sugar free, low carb, gluten free, low calorie, & delicious!!)

These little candies are sooo good!!  You would not believe they are less than 60 calories each and healthy for you!  They are packed with healthy fats and protein which is amazing for your skin and hair and also for sculpting a lean and mean physique ?. This also makes them filling so you are …

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Oct 18

Roll Out Cookies with an almost Zero Calorie Frosting (low calorie, low carb, high fiber, high protein, low fat, quick, and easy to make)

Rejoice healthy roll out cookies are possible!!!  These cookies are a heavily adapted version of a regular old white flour cookie recipe I used to bake.  Certainly the original cookies were delicious but it is hard to stop eating them and the calories, sugar, and fat add up really quick.  This recipe creates a more …

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Jul 07

Pizza Pasta-Is it Pizza or is it Pasta??? It’s both (kinda) ;-) Read on for my yummy & healthy variation that is low calorie, low carb, gluten free, veggie packed, & filling too!

How do meatballs, pepperoni, & noodles covered in a smothering of sauce and cheese sound??  If it sounds amazing to you then this post is for you!!  This recipe is another healthy & creative merging of things I love but that I don’t indulge in too often because they tend to leave me more hungry …

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