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Feb 26

Help Shrink Your Waist-An Easy Do Anywhere Ab Exercise!

  A super easy exercise that can be done anytime, anywhere & requires no equipment is called the stomach vacuum! Consistently sucking in & tightening your abs throughout the day really engages that deep inner core muscle called the transverse abdominus. It can be shown highlighted in red in the picture above. The transverse abdominus …

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Feb 24

Motivation Monday: 3 Simple Rules

Feb 23

MEATZA (aka low carb pizza made of meat) ;)

  The idea of meatza is not my own however this recipe is my rendition of the glorious meatza. This amazing creation is low carb, low fat, gluten free, veggie & protein packed, & loaded with pizza flavors while still being under 400 calories for a very large portion. Seriously one of my favorite recipes …

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Feb 21

Sweet Sweat!!

  I love this stuff! You apply it liberally all over areas that are in need of a little extra targeting or TLC. I use it on my midsection & low back before almost every workout that I do. I also use it on my legs occasionally if they are sore. It promotes circulation, fights …

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Feb 19

Beating Bloat-My Top 5 Tricks.

Bloating or water retention is a drag and unfortunately it happens to the best of us. The top 5 things that I personally use to help battle this beast are the following: 1: Asparagus! This green gem really pulls excess water out of your body. I eat lots of this before a photo shoot or …

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