Monthly Archive: November 2014

Nov 25

My Fitness Wear! Order your own cute tank or sweatshirt ;)

I am super excited to partner with Guardian Bell which has been making my cute logo tops for awhile now.  They now are offering some select styles available on their online store (more to come later too!).  Follow this link to order your own shirt!  I will soon have it as a permanent link in …

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Nov 23

Slimming Harvest Salad with Fat Burning Vinaigrette ;)

I love big salads and I eat them a lot for lunch or dinner.  It is a really fun way to get creative by mixing up textures, tastes, and ingredients.  This salad is Thanksgiving inspired-so easy and delicious!  The creamy, crunchy, sweet, and salty elements pair perfectly with the veggies.  I topped it with my …

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Nov 20

Follow My Fitness: Chest & Back Attack ;)

This workout will really fire up your upper back and chest.  Your core has to work really hard to stabilize your body while performing these moves so as a bonus you get a great core workout too!!  Be very careful when performing these moves.  A few of these can flare up your lower back if …

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Nov 18

What to Eat When You’re Starving-Part 2!!!

This is a follow up post to one of my most popular blog posts which you can find here I think people are always looking for snacks that you can eat a lot of that won’t pack on the pudge ;). I know when I get really hungry a little 100 cal pack of …

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Nov 17

Flip Your Mindset

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