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May 19

Maternity Belt Review😊

  So I have previously mentioned that I have been experiencing some back pain, hip pain, & knee pain when I run since becoming pregnant. I have always had back pain bc several years ago I herniated my disc not once but twice.  I tried to deadlift very heavy & I lost grip on one …

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Sep 22

My Diet 2 Weeks Left on my 4 Week Mini Cut

So I am 2 weeks away from bikini photo shooting in beautiful Punta Cana in Dominican Republic.  My diet has changed up a bit.  I am still eating roughly 40% protein 35% carbs & 25% fat daily but I dropped my calories a little bc I am not quite where I expected.  What I do …

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Sep 20

A Few of My Favorite Weight Loss Supplements

    So I want to make it clear that I am a natural athlete.  I try my very best to use only things I feel good about using.  I am not perfect but I do not use any fat burner pills or anything crazy like that so if your looking for my advice on …

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Sep 16

4 Week Mini Cut Diet-What I am eating 3 weeks out 😊

  So this is actually an example of what I am eating this week.  I am not eating too much differently than last week but there are some small tweaks I am doing.  One tweak I am doing this week is only having 1 refeed meal.  Next week when I am 2 weeks out I …

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Feb 17

Catching some zzzzz’s!! My top all natural solutions to get a better nights sleep ?

As a former insomniac and a probably forever night owl I know how hard it can be to get to sleep sometimes.  I also know that sleep is critical for having a healthy body and mind.  It helps repair muscle and helps your body recover,  promotes fat burning, & puts you in a better mood just …

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