Jul 26

Baby Brockner Month 8: Weight Loss, Heartburn, & Stretch Marks



So sorry that once again this is late.  Between moving & some additional chaos I just got a bit behind on these lol!  These last few comparison pics will be from my new house so they aren’t going to be exact as far as lighting, angle, etc since it’s a different location but should still be a good comparison!  So everything is still going really well!  I have been going to doctors every 2 weeks and start going weekly very soon.  My little boy looks great and I am feeling pretty good!  I would not say lovely bc I am definitely uncomfortable at times.  Overall though I feel good! 😊


So one thing that is interesting is that my weight has been fluctuating.  I have gained 23-25 pounds depending on day.  I do weight myself daily bc I like to see where I am and it keeps going up then back down.  I was a little concerned but my doctor said that it is totally fine.  The baby is getting bigger and that’s all that matters.  In fact some people lose weight in third trimester so we shall see what happens.  It is weird bc even though I haven’t gained any solid weight for about a month & a half I think my belly looks bigger.  I am pretty sure it is bc of his position though.  It really doesn’t make much sense otherwise lol!


So another thing that has plagued me in last few weeks is heartburn!  I have very rarely had heartburn before.  Less than a handful of times in my life and now it is a daily problem.  It really sucks to be honest with you!  It is probably the worst part of being pregnant that I have experienced so far.  Tums are just not cutting it anymore either!  I was daily taking the maximum amount of Tums and it was still really horrible.  I was having problems eating which isn’t good especially since I am not really gaining weight at this point.


So I have made some dietary changes.  I have been having only 1 cup of coffee a day (I just can’t cut it back anymore than that bc I am not sleeping well & I truly don’t think I can function on no coffee hahaha!).  I have also stopped eating sour foods (super sad bc I have had cravings for sour foods since getting pregnant), stopped eating red pasta sauce, cut way back on bacon, & tried drinking even MORE water which is difficult bc I drink a LOT of water anyways.  None of this has had a significant change on the heartburn although it has helped a little.  So alas I have started taking a heartburn medication that my doctor approved.  He approved Zantac but I am taking the cheaper generic version at the lowest strength possible.  I feel bad taking any medication but this really does help.  I usually take only 1 a day but sometime take the max dose which is 2.



In addition I am drinking this awesome tea I found on Amazon.  It is called Lighthearded by Birds & Bees.  It is not strong enough on its own (I did try just the tea & Tums prior to the pill) but if I drink 2-3 cups of this plus 1 heartburn pill it usually does the trick or at least helps in a massive way.  BTW you cannot take Tums if you are taking the heartburn medication so this is my secondary measure to try to not have to take a 2nd pill.    It really doesn’t have much taste.  Maybe like a weak chamomile I would say.  I make it in my French press & brew for 15 minutes.  Worth the price for sure!!



So another thing I want to share now bc several preganant mom’s have asked me is what I am doing to prevent stretch marks.  Now I will say I am obviously still pregnant so I cannot vouch this 100% works yet lol!  So far no stretchmarks though!  Also I want to say that I do not think stretch marks are something to be ashamed of!! I know many beautiful women with stretchmarks!!!  I know they are inevitable for some people based on genetics, how much they gained, what they were going through at points in their life, among other things.  I think you should, embrace as much as you can what your body is but I am just trying to do my best to do what I can.  I am lucky enough to be able to have the means to do this.


So anyways this is my stack of products: Rosehip oil, Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus oil with vitamim E, Palmer’s  cocoa butter massage lotion, & Palmer’s cocoa butter tummy butter.   All of the things can be found at Walmart or Target except the rosehip oil.  I buy that on Amazon lol.  I did do a lot of research btw so I am trying to use everything I read was really helpful and I am putting them on in the way I read was most beneficial.  So first of all it is best to put these on warmed and damp skin.  It helps the products absorb much better and that is one of the keys from what I read.  So after a shower or bath is ideal.  So twice a day first thing after lightly drying off apply the rosehip oil (1/2 a dropper full), then coconut oil blend, then on top of those I use the cocoa butter massage lotion (in morning) and I use the cocoa butter tummy butter (at night).  I also usually add an additional standard lotion just to kind of help seal everything in bc it can be hard to rub it in fully without  using a faster absorbing one one top.  I know this founds ridiculous & like it takes a long time but it really doesn’t & at least I can say I gave it a valiant effort haha!  I put that concoction everywhere too btw!  Also drinking tons of water is supposed to be helpful with skin stretching so if you’re not already start chugging lol!


Hopefully this helps some people!  I really appreciate you reading this & following this journey with me! 💗💗💗

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