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Jul 26

Baby Brockner Month 8: Weight Loss, Heartburn, & Stretch Marks

  So sorry that once again this is late.  Between moving & some additional chaos I just got a bit behind on these lol!  These last few comparison pics will be from my new house so they aren’t going to be exact as far as lighting, angle, etc since it’s a different location but should …

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Jun 28

Baby Brockner 7 Months: Gestational Diabetes, Swelling, & Other Body Woes

Sorry this post is a bit late.  I am actually almost into the 8th month of pregnancy but life has been a bit hectic so my updates are a bit behind!  We just purchased a house and are trying to get ready to move in a couple weeks & also do all the last minute …

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May 25

Baby Brockner Month 6: Bye Bye Abs 😀

  Some interesting things have been happening lately!  So far in my pregnancy I have generally been able to hide my bump when/if I felt like it but that is pretty much not happening anymore lol!  I am getting asked pretty regularly if I’m pregnant so I guess there is no hiding this little guy …

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May 19

Maternity Belt Review😊

  So I have previously mentioned that I have been experiencing some back pain, hip pain, & knee pain when I run since becoming pregnant. I have always had back pain bc several years ago I herniated my disc not once but twice.  I tried to deadlift very heavy & I lost grip on one …

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Apr 28

Baby Brockner 5 Months (Oh the Ups & Downs of Pregnancy!)

  So I am now at 5 months pregnant with my sweet little boy and I am not going to lie  it has been a roller coaster of emotions since I last blogged.  I want to be as transparent as possible bc I feel like I know I cannot be alone in some of this …

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