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Aug 30

Quick Belly Flattening Detox De-Bloat Cleanse Diet Plan :-)

I wanted to share what I do (and have done for years now) to snap back after an especially indulgent weekend or week.  I am not on a super strict diet all the time.  Sometimes I do a low carb diet, sometimes carb cycle, and other times I just do flexible dieting or IIFYM where …

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Feb 06

A Few Tips & Tricks on Changing your Physique & a Follow My Fitness: Legs & Oblique a short & sweet workout

  So not too long ago I posted a sample of my detox/tighten up diet.  I would say I gained 5-6 pounds over the holidays as I had a little bit of a harder time this year avoiding all the goodies and yummy cocktails lol!  By the way I do not weigh myself too often …

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Feb 19

Beating Bloat-My Top 5 Tricks.

Bloating or water retention is a drag and unfortunately it happens to the best of us. The top 5 things that I personally use to help battle this beast are the following: 1: Asparagus! This green gem really pulls excess water out of your body. I eat lots of this before a photo shoot or …

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Jan 17

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks

I love the taste of vinegar so when I came across these organic apple cider vinegar drinks I was hooked.  I have been drinking these Bragg’s drinks for a while now and I have to say the Ginger Spice is probably my favorite flavor.  Apple cider vinegar has been linked to helping with fat  loss and in addition it …

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