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Feb 25

Healthy Boba or Bubble Tea Drink ?

  I shared this super quick and easy recipe on my social media accounts so I figured I would also share it here in case anyone else has a craving!  BTW you can follow me @sarahlinbrockner on Instagram, Sarah Lin Brockner on Facebook, and @sarahlbrockner on Twitter if you want to.  So boba is also …

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Nov 04

Kandy Kale!?!

I came across this and realized I haven’t done a post on any cool new food finds or fitness products in awhile.  This crazy stuff is marketed as a holiday snack so I couldn’t resist trying it out after I saw the great nutritional stats.  There are 2 servings in the pouch and each serving is …

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Sep 17

Cravings Crushing Tea Picks

  Tea is a great thing to drink especially when you are trying to watch what you’re eating.  Warm or hot liquids help expand your belly and make you feel full.  Plus tea is delicious, all natural, and comforting too.  I am a huge advocate of green tea but sometimes you need something a little …

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Sep 12

A day in MY eating in pictures-Part 3 (My final diet tweaks pre bikini shoot)

I am now in the final cut back prior to my Jamaica calendar shoot (you can order the calendar by clicking the link on the home page of my blog if you are interested).  You may be expecting drastic cuts or major foods or food groups being banished but surprise that is not how I …

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Aug 29

Sami’s Bakery Millet & Flax Chips

    As you can tell I really like these millet and flax chips from Sami’s Bakery hahaha!!  These are a great high fiber/low carb/low calorie cracker or chip swap!  Even if you do not like flax very much I am willing to bet you will love these chips!  They do not have much of …

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