Jul 16

Fast & Fit: Melted Almond Joy Pudding! (high protein, low carb, high fiber, low calorie, vegetarian, gluten free)



You are minutes away from a super delicious dessert, mini meal, or snack.  It has all the almond joy candy bar components (coconut, chocolate, & almonds of course) but in a melty, super filling, & not going to pack on the pounds kinda way!  It does have slightly more calories than the real candy bar version however it has 1/2 the carbs & a whopping 8 times the protein!!  Plus it is packed with high quality body fueling ingredients especially healthy fats which are essential for a healthier body, skin, hair, & brain function too.  This recipe also sneaks in a heaping 5 grams of fiber.  Btw did I mention that it also literally takes less than 10 minutes to make too?  Now how can you say no to this?? 😉

(Btw for more information on the shirt I’m wearing please visit www.cff.org & click on Great Strides link on the left.  It’s an awesome charity that my beautiful former client & friend Jen has strong ties to.  She greatly appreciates all the help in spreading awareness & funds for cystic fibrosis as her daughter passed away from this.  Thanks for your help with this!!)



*2 squares Bakers unsweetened chocolate bar (from baking aisle)

*1 tablespoon extra virgin (unrefined) coconut oil

*1/2 scoop protein powder-either whey or casein will work but casein produces better texture (I used vanilla bc I had on hand but chocolate would be extra perfect)

*Zero calorie sweetener of choice (I used a little stevia & erythritol)

*3 teaspoons sliced almonds

*1/8 cup toasted coconut chips (highly recommend the kind by Creative Snack Co.  I have seen them in several different stores but if you cannot find them then use unsweetened coconut flakes & lightly toast yourself in small nonstick pan over medium heat stirring frequently)

*sea salt to taste (optional)

*fat free whipped cream


In microwave safe dish add chocolate bar & coconut oil.  Melt together using 20 seconds at a time & stirring between.  Once melted & smooth stir in protein powder.  Then add sweetener & sea salt to taste.


Top with almonds, coconut, & one serving whipped cream.  Soooo good!!! (I could not get a picture that would do it justice.  It may not photograph well but it is super rich, decadent, & filling!!)





Makes one large serving

Per serving:

358 calories

13 carbs

5 fiber

27 fat (all healthy, high performance fats though!)

16 protein




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