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Nov 12

Baklava Inspired Muffins (A lower carb, higher protein, gluten free, vegetarian version that is super simple too!)

Baklava is a decadent, honey, and nut loaded dessert.  Sooo good but not so good for your figure if you eat it too often haha!  My version you can eat everyday as it easily incorporates into a healthy diet plan.  Don’t worry it is still packed with lots of honey and nuts ;).  My version …

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Jul 16

Fast & Fit: Melted Almond Joy Pudding! (high protein, low carb, high fiber, low calorie, vegetarian, gluten free)

  You are minutes away from a super delicious dessert, mini meal, or snack.  It has all the almond joy candy bar components (coconut, chocolate, & almonds of course) but in a melty, super filling, & not going to pack on the pounds kinda way!  It does have slightly more calories than the real candy …

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Jan 12

Power Granola-low carb, high protein, low calorie, gluten free, vegetarian, & high fiber

  Power Granola *Inspired by my sister Brooke’s recipe* This yummy granola is much lower carb and calorie than traditional granola.  It also packs a healthy dose of fiber, protein, and good for you fats 😉   1 /4 cup slivered or sliced raw almonds 1 /4 cup chopped raw pecans 1 /4 cup TVP …

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