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Dec 01

Chicken Parmesan Quiche!!! (low carb, protein packed, super easy, gluten free, and so delicious)

Chicken parmesan was my inspiration for this healthier and easier twist.  I took all the flavors and packed it into a quiche that is cheesy, SUPER flavorful, and really, really easy!  Chicken parmesan can be time consuming, messy to prepare, and not so good for the waistline but with this version you won’t have to …

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Feb 18

Mini Italian Style Casseroles with a Gluten Free, Low Carb Crust (low calorie, high fiber, & high protein too)

These little casseroles are so good!!  The bold, spicy, savory flavors from the sausage, the salty & creamy cottage cheese, peppery kale, tangy tomato sauce and the slightly sweet coconut crust are an amazing combination!  The flavors really play so deliciously together and your tastebuds will not be disappointed with this recipe!  This recipe includes easy to …

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Jun 08

Pizza Quiche: The best of both worlds in a ridiculously cheesy way ;)

Pizza Quiche combines my love of both pizza & quIche.  It is easy to make, low calorie, high protein, gluten free, low fat and tastes great! It also contains a LOT of cheesy goodness so what’s not to love!! Seriously if you do not love cheese this is not the recipe for you 😉 Ingredients: …

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Apr 06

Low Carb Quiche with Crust (easy, low calorie, high protein recipe with vegetarian & gluten free variations too!)

Quiche is a really versatile dish that makes a great breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can easily use different vegetables than I did such as zucchini, asparagus, or spinach. I just used what was easy & quick for me based on what I had. You can also make this recipe vegetarian or gluten free which …

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