Oct 16

Quick Workouts & Postpartum Journey Updates 😊


So wanted to give a quick update on how I’m progressing post baby. Btw Cameron is doing great!! Gaining lots of weight & bringing me so much joy daily. I love him so much!! Today marks 7 weeks post partum. My weight loss has actually stalled since about 4 weeks after I gave birth so I still have 10 pounds to lose to get down to my pre pregnancy weight. Everyone’s body is different & I can’t say I’m not a little jealous of those who drop all their pregnancy weight super quick lol! However I am a hard worker & everything is always sweeter when it’s actually a challenge! Makes you appreciate it that much more! 💪💪

I am also still exclusively breast feeding so maintaining my milk supply is extremely important to me. That means I have to make sure I’m eating enough & drinking enough. I was not previously tracking my calories up until now but I started last week to track so I had a better idea of where I was at. I do think I may have been eating a bit too much so I am now making a conscious effort to eat a bit less. I don’t really want to track everything 7 days a week so I’m just planning on tracking here & there right now to make sure I’m staying accountable.

Now that I’m cleared to exercise I have started running again & doing strength training. Currently I’m doing strength training sessions 3-4x a week & 15-45 minutes of cardio 5-6x a week (walking with Cameron in a body carrier or running). I am keeping my strength training to 15 minutes or less bc Cameron really hasn’t been napping much or for very long during the day & that’s a realistic amount of time I can commit now.

Below are a couple recent workouts I did that are quick, require no equipment, can be done in a small.space, & are effective at hitting many muscle groups at once.  One is a lower body workout & one is a core focused workout.

Workout A (lower body focus)
✳ 4 sets of 20 walking lunges (20 steps total)

✳ 4 sets of 10/ leg reverse lunges with front kick (lunge backwards with one leg then immediately kick same leg forward)
✳ 3 sets of 10 sumo squats (squats with feet turned outward 45 degrees-squeeze glutes hard at end of squat)
✳ 4 sets of 12-15 glute bridges (squeeze glutes hard at top of bridge & hold few seconds)

Workout B (core focus)
✳ 3 sets of 20 reps Russian Twists
(Lay on back & place palms together elbows out to sides as shown in pic below, crunch upper body up & bring legs up too as shown below, twist to one side to tap elbow to floor engaging abs entire time then twist opposite way & tap elbow to floor, each tap is 1 rep)


✳ 3 sets of 30 ab holds with flutter kicks
(Lay on back, legs straight out, hands palm down under lower back, crunch upper body up & bring both legs off floor at same time, cross feet over each other (changing which foot is on top each time) each cross is 1 rep)

✳ 3 sets of side planks with hip dips
(Begin in side plank position, hold side plank for 15 seconds then tap bottom hip to floor & return to start, do 5 taps then hold side plank position again for another 15 seconds. Repeat on other sure to complete 1 set)
I would suggest doing less or more reps or sets than I listed based on your personal fitness level. I consider myself fairly strong but i have def lost strength. The reps & sets I listed was challenging but not super intense for me. i want to get a great workout in but I dont want to push so hard I injure myself.  Also I do not rest or I rest very little between exercises & sets.  That helps intensify the workout & make it that much quicker too!


I will be doing new workouts every week so let me know if you want to see more of them!  Thanks for reading 💗

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