Aug 30

Quick Belly Flattening Detox De-Bloat Cleanse Diet Plan :-)


I wanted to share what I do (and have done for years now) to snap back after an especially indulgent weekend or week.  I am not on a super strict diet all the time.  Sometimes I do a low carb diet, sometimes carb cycle, and other times I just do flexible dieting or IIFYM where I eat a bit of everything.  I believe in moderation and enjoying life as it comes.  I generally can eat a few indulgent treats daily throughout the week and maintain my weight and figure.  Sometimes however there are occasions where I don’t want to be as mindful and it would really take away from the experience to be too worried about everything you’re eating.  For example I just returned from NY and had a blast visiting friends and family.  I threw my diet out the window and ate a lot of delicious foods lovingly prepared by them.  Thanks to them for the coconut French toast with real maple syrup and that famous potato salad oh and a few too many cocktails haha!  Anyways since I had a bikini fitting this past weekend with the fabulous Mio Bikini Swimwear for my calendar I will be shooting in Punta Cana DR with the amazing Mike Zuch of Zuch Photography I needed to do a quick reversal and get myself back to my more typical figure.

This plan will has helped me not only get my body back to a more normal state but it also helps make my skin look better again!  A lot of times if you eat too much sugar, processed foods, and alcohol it can make your skin look not the best and this super nutrient packed plan helps reverse that too.  This specific plan has worked for me on many occasions and is great for slimming down that belly fairly last minute.  I do this for 3-5 days before an event, casting call, modeling job IF I need to tighten things up.  Afterwards I just eat as I normally do.  It helps me lose a few pounds but most importantly it will debloat your belly so also good for that time of the month haha!  It is totally healthy and everything you can buy easily.

It’s not 100% non processed for my sanity’s sake but you can certainly tweak this in accordance with your body.  It is really important to remember that everyone’s body is different.  We are also always changing and what worked years ago may not work anymore.  This is just what works for me and has worked for at least 4 years.  I don’t find it too difficult to follow although it is not necessarily super easy to follow either.  It will require a little sacrifice & some prep time to chop veggies and cook.  You can chop all the veggies at once and switch the meal lineup too in accordance to what works most convenience to your schedule.  I realize it may be difficult for some to blend in middle of the day.

If you compare this to a lot of the crazier detox plans I have seen in stores or read about the extra prep effort is worth it as you get to consume quite a bit of food and it doesn’t have any crazy ingredients.  Real talk a lot of those juice cleanses or detox plans are packed with lots of simple carbs aka sugar and even if it is natural from fruit it will spike your blood sugar which then results in an energy crash and tiredness/crankiness.  This plan is very balanced comprised of roughly 45% protein, 35% carbs, and 20% fat.  It has plenty of fat and protein to keep you satiated and also has a lot of fiber which is partially what helps flatten out your belly.

So just to re-iterate that this is what works for ME.  I have done this (or a very similar variation of this) many, many times to prepare for events.  It 100% flattens out my belly and is packed with lots of foods known to help with digestion, bloating, & water retention which is partially how I came up with it.  I am not saying it will work for everyone but it is certainly worth a try if you are needing to reduce poofiness quickly or need help detoxing from a crazy week or weekend ?


My Quick Belly Flattening Detox De-Bloat Cleanse Diet:


Meal One: egg whites, peppers, onions, ½ avocado, and 2-3 pieces uncured bacon (yeah the bacon is still processed but c’mon I love bacon) plus two cups of coffee with small amount of cream and stevia (yes once again I now this is processed but I haven’t noticed a change leaving this out so I leave it in of course!!)


Meal Two: veggie protein shake and some pineapple (Shake consists of cucumber, zucchini, celery, spinach, ½ scoop unflavored protein powder, & water to consistency desired-important to note that I love veggies and I can eat a lot of veggies without any GI issues.  Use less veggies and/or change up the veggies if you have any issues with any of the above.  I also leave all the skin on everything and choose all organic veggies.  This is NOT a juice as I blend & drink the whole thing-nothing is extracted or thrown out!  The skin and pulp has a LOT of vitamins, minerals, and fiber so it is best to consume it all for the health benefits.  It will separate a bit so make sure your stir it while drinking and a straw really helps to drink it)


Meal Three: protein bar (Yes this processed but it is super convenient and delicious.  There are quite a few less processed ones too-I like the natural Quest bars or Kind bars that have extra protein in them)


Meal Four: same as meal two


Meal Five: 4-5 ounces chicken breast, lean steak, lean ground turkey, or lean ground beef with green veggies (I like asparagus or green beans)


Meal Six: ½ large papaya and serving of low fat lactose free cottage cheese or Greek yogurt


In addition I drink a lot of water and three cups of green tea.  If I am really hungry I add a banana and sip on herbal tea.  I use pink Himalayan salt and pepper for seasoning where applicable.    


Exercise wise I do extra cardio and less weight/higher reps for strength training.  I train all the days I do this cleanse diet.  I have never had any problems with energy while following this plan.  I find it to be quite filling and it is very nutrient dense so you really shouldn’t have a problem with energy.  The only supplements I take are my gummy hair, skin, and nails vitamin (yeah another processed thing but I love them & they work really well too so not giving them up haha!)

If you have any questions feel free to comment below or on my social media.  Thanks for reading!  I will be blogging a short series starting next week on how I do a mini cut (4 weeks) for my calendar shoot and explain exactly what I mean by that so stay tuned!

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