Jul 10

Naked BLTC (low carb, low cal, low fat, gluten free, high protein, & super quick!)



This is the perfect quick summer recipe that makes fresh produce more exciting using a favorite of many-BACON!!  What is a naked BLTC you are probably wondering.  Well you most likely know what a BLT is (a sandwhich made with bacon, lettuce, & tomato as the filling hence the initials are BLT).  A naked BLTC is my variation which includes chicken & is naked bc it doesn’t not have any bread as it uses fresh produce to fill that void.  This makes it higher protein while lower in carbs, fat and calories plus gluten free too.  It also makes it much more filling!!  In addition this is a really easy & quick recipe that makes a pretty, summery presentation.  Read on for this great little snack or mini meal 😉




*2 big tomatoes (the biggest & best you can find)

*8 ounces cooked boneless, skinless chicken (I boiled mine in a big batch in my slow cooker for about 12 hours on low but grilling, or cooking in nonstick spray on stove, or even a rotisserie (skin & bone fully removed) works great too

*2 cups finely chopped lettuce (I love spring mix or romaine)

*6 tablespoons pre cooked bacon pieces or bits (make sure it’s real not imitation!)

*2 tablespoons reduced fat mayo

*salt & pepper (to taste)

Optional Ingredients (Obviously I highly recommend them though):

*several big dashes of liquid smoke (I love how it enhances the bacon so I like a lot of this but adjust to your taste)

*finely chopped green onions/chives/shallots/red onion (as much or as little as you want)


Wash & dry tomatoes.  Using a small sharp knife cut stem off and make small hole in top of tomato.  Using a small spoon carefully scoop out the inside of the tomatoes to make 2 hollow tomatoe shells like I show below.  You will use most of the tomato guts to add moisture to chicken so chop & set it aside.





Shred chicken in small bowl & mix in mayo, bacon, optional ingredients (if desired), salt & pepper, & as much tomato guts as you need to make it nice & moist.  Stir in chopped lettuce last.  Use chicken mixture to re-stuff tomatoes.  Most likely you will have a little extra chicken mixture & tomato guts left over so just eat it lol!  Serve the naked BLTC’s on additional lettuce & enjoy with knife & fork.




Makes 2 servings

Per serving:

272 calories

9.4 grams fat

9.5 grams carbs

3.2 grams fiber

37.6 grams protein







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