Nov 20

Follow My Fitness: Chest & Back Attack ;)


This workout will really fire up your upper back and chest.  Your core has to work really hard to stabilize your body while performing these moves so as a bonus you get a great core workout too!!  Be very careful when performing these moves.  A few of these can flare up your lower back if you perform them with too heavy weights.  As always if you feel pain modify or do not perform that particular exercise.  Below is my exact workout and numbers.

15 minute easy treadmill jog at 5.0 speed with 5% incline

For my strength training I did super sets by going back and forth between 2 exercises.  So exercises 1&2, exercises 3&4, and exercises 5&6 I did back to back until all sets were done for each exercise then I moved onto the next two on my list.  Exercise 7 I did alone as a final core burnout. 😉

1-Plank with dumbbell front and side raises-4 sets of 10 per side using 8lb dumbbell (get in high plank position on hand not forearm, raise small dumbbell out to side then straight in front as I show in the picture,  keep your abs, legs, & butt super tight to stabilize and do not allow your low back to sag-this is much harder than it seems FYI so start light!)

2-Wide grip lat pull downs-4 sets of 10 using 110 pounds (this is very heavy for me so I take short breaks in middle in order to complete the set)

3-Chest press crunches-4 sets of 15 using two 8lb dumbbells (perform a crunch and a chest press at same time by pressing the weights up as you crunch up)

4-Pushups-4 sets of 15

5-Dumbbell upright rows-4 sets of 10 using two 15lb dumbbells

6-Bent over rear felt raises-4 sets of 10 using two 10lb weights

7-Forearm planks-5 sets of 60 seconds planks

15 minutes elliptical-medium high resistance stepping backwards 2 minutes forward 1 minute


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