Jul 08

Don’t Go Nuts Cinnamon Sugar Soy Nut Butter-seriously addictive!




I am a big fan of nuts or seeds & in fact I eat a variety of different kinds throughout the week generally.  So I recently came across this peanut butter alternative & my interest was peaked.  I purchased this & am very happy to report that this stuff is soooo good!!  Imagine if cinnamon toast crunch cereal & snickerdoodle cookies got together & had a baby in nut butter form lol!  It’s deliciously creamy & has a roasted/baked cinnamon taste similar to cookies.  Since I know my descriptions are a little far fetched to imagine you probably should just go grab some for yourself to top your toast, carrots, oats, apples, or even chicken (yes chicken-if you haven’t figured it out by now my imagination is a little out there & it honestly tastes fabulous on grilled chicken in my opinion haha!).  It sounds sweet but it is the perfect middle of the road as far as being sweet but not super sweet & overly packed with sugar.  Of course it also has some great nutrition stats too!  Two tablespoons are 200 calories, 16 grams fat, 8 grams of carbs 2 grams fiber with a generous 10 grams of protein!!  That’s definitely not too shabby!  It is low carb, high protein, organic, non-gmo (no genetically modified organisms included), & vegan too.  Make sure you portion it out though because it’s definitely way too easy to eat 😉  I found this at Wegmans grocery store.  Also if you have sensitivity to soy or soy products obviously you should avoid this.

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