Feb 19

Booty Workout for Building and Sculpting Glutes



It has been way too long since I posted a new follow my fitness routine.  Partially bc I was marathon training and not necessarily doing anything all that interesting bc I didn’t want to be overly fatigued for my running days.  I was pretty much just in maintenance mode but now I am back to working on building a little and leaning out a little.  This is all just based on what I personally prefer to look like.  I always change up my leg routine every single week and I also am trying to add more muscle to my legs & butt bc I do think I lost some oomph from the tush area  with all that running.  So here is my workout from the other day in case you are bored and want to completely follow my fitness or just steal a few moves for your own routine.  There are probably not necessarily any new moves but maybe my method and stack will give you some inspiration.  This was awesome for targeting glutes bc they were seriously on fire by the end of this.  That’s pretty much exactly what I wanted ?


Just a side note I always go as slow as I need to when I am trying to build.  I really think you get a better workout if you rest throughout your set and continue to use the heaviest weight possible for as long as possible.  I know when I am pressed for time & try to do heavy lifting faster then I tend to lower my weight quicker bc I don’t give myself enough recovery time & enough time to mentally focus.  So I usually do some reps, rest a few, do more reps, rest, then finish just so I know I really used the heaviest weights possible vs allowing time to dictate how heavy I can do.  That’s how I do it and certainly quick sets have there place just not when trying to build IMO.  So here is my exact workout-Enjoy!!


15 minute warm up on stair stepper (really pushing through heels to target glutes and get them ready for the rest of my workout-I actually usually do this at a lower speed so I can make sure I am squeezing and targeting glutes and getting them fired up!)


*deep squats in squat rack-4 sets of 8 reps (by deep I mean literally all the way down-some people call these ass to grass squats if that helps you understand how low.  I push back up with focus on pushing through heels.  I went as heavy as I could while still performing the move properly)


*leg press-4 sets of 8 reps (I did 2 sets with feet together and 2 sets with feet wide to target glutes from different angles and went as heavy as I could again)


*hip adduction machine-4 sets of 8 reps (as heavy as I could possibly go)


*hip abduction machine-4 sets of 8 reps (as heavy as I could possible go)


*glute kickbacks with two ankle weights (10lbs each) on leg-4 sets of 15 reps per leg (old pic of me demoing these for an earlier post below-I love these!! ?)



*donkey kicks with two ankle weights on leg-4 sets of 15 reps per leg (you pretty much get on all fours and then push the weighted leg towards the sky with focus on heel pressing upwards while maintaining straight back)


*back extension bench-4 sets of 25 or until failure or burning takes over haha! (this bench is at every gym I have ever been in-it is the bench where you face down and hook feet under pads-to perform you bend forward towards floor then use your glutes and lower back muscles to return to starting position-I use this to totally burnout my glutes-squeezing my glutes hard each time I return to start position-It really kills but in a good way ?)


That’s it!! Then I stretched and hobbled back home but first I took a booty selfie hahaha!  Hope this motivates you to try some new moves or stack your workout differently!





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