Mar 26

Booty Boosting Exercise

This week I wanted to share a great booty booster that just about anyone can do. I have quite a few booty moves that I love to do but this glute kickback is definitely one of my top favorite ones. You can do this move absolutely anywhere! All you need is a sturdy surface about waist height that you can use to steady yourself. In the above picture I turned so you could see how high I was kicking my leg up behind me. This is a great move for everyone from beginner to advanced. I like to use ankle weights to make it harder but you should start with no weight until you build up strength. To perform this move you want to slowly kick your leg back behind you while squeezing that particular butt cheek 😉 You should really feel that glute contraction. It is really more about feeling that muscle contraction than about how how you can get your leg up or how fast. You actually do not want to extend your leg too far up, do this move too fast, or with too much force as it may hurt your back if you do. You can do 2-3 sets of anywhere from 10-20 per leg to start & then add sets, reps, & weight as necessary.

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