Jan 29

Ball Pass Crunch

Ball Pass Crunch Demonstration Video


Watch this video to see how to perform a ball pass crunch. This exercise is a great way to target both you lower and upper abs all in one move as it combines both a crunch and a leg lift.  You simply hand off the ball from your legs to your arms as I demonstrate in the video.  Once the ball has passed from both your arms to your legs and back again then you have completed one repetition.  Repeat until you have done the desired number of reps and sets.


  1. Amy

    I love this one! I did it once during a class at the gym. It’s great bc it gets your mind off the fact that you are doing crunch but OMG it’s brutal. Sore for days after!!! Loved it! Very good workout

    1. Sarahlinbrockner

      I agree! It looks easy but really gives you a great workout!!

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