May 25

Baby Brockner Month 6: Bye Bye Abs 😀



Some interesting things have been happening lately!  So far in my pregnancy I have generally been able to hide my bump when/if I felt like it but that is pretty much not happening anymore lol!  I am getting asked pretty regularly if I’m pregnant so I guess there is no hiding this little guy anymore!  My stomach is definitely growing forward more and I think my abs are pretty much gone at this point.  They will be back though mark my words hahaha!


So this month I have started to get some issues that I have really never had.  One is heartburn!  Ughhh!!!  I thought I may be able to avoid this by avoiding certain foods.  While there are definitely things that flare it up it seems to come out of no where and for no real reason.  Tums are becoming something I carry in my purse lol!


Second major thing that has been happening is muscle spasms and cramps in my legs at night.  I am already having problems sleeping and this is just the icing on the cake!!  Several times a week I get these and they wake me up and I can’t help but cry bc they hurt so bad!!  I literally cannot move my leg or legs when I get these bc my muscles are so tightened.  The doctor advised me to do things I am already doing (eat bananas, tons of water, stretch) & he pretty much said it is an unfortunate thing that you cannot really do anything about if I am already doing those things.  Hopefully they get better or less frequent!!


So in the flip side I am feeling really good besides that!  I have gained 15 pounds so far and I am a bit nervous about my overall weight gain but my doctor said I am perfect & right where I should be.  The above pic shows my evolution so far!  I am tracking my calories still most days.  The main reason is because I need to make sure I am getting in enough protein.  That has been stressed every time I visit bc of some tests I had done so tracking helps me make sure I am getting this in.  I know I am not overeating (beyong where they wanted me to taking additional calories for baby into account) on most days so we shall see what my total weight gain ends up being!  I feel good and that I am doing the best I can with my diet and exercise so that is really the most important thing!


My little guy is constantly moving it seems.  He is definitely a night owl too!!  Initially there was concern that he was going  to be small but now they are telling me he looks like he will be big and long.  I had no clue my husband was almost 9 pounds too so I am a little freaked out I will have a giant baby hahaha!  Absolutely everything is coming back perfectly with all his tests and that is such a blessing!  He had an echo to really look closely at his heart (in part bc of my neice’s heart problems) and it looked exactly as it should.


Looking forward to seeing how the next few months progress!!  I will probably be posting about my current prenatal fitness routine and maybe my diet too.  I like seeing what other mom’s to be are doing to stay healthy while pregnant so hopefully you will enjoy that too 😊  Thanks so much for reading and for all the love & support!! 💗💗💗

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